Broiled Honey and Brown Sugar Grapefruit Boozzayyy Spritzer

Broiled Honey and Brown Sugar Grapefruit Boozzayyy Spritzer


It’s spring. The two very best indicators are the following:

  1. 80F weather in Oakland, CA yesterday. Yes, I went swimming.
  2. My allergies are in full bloom just like the flowers. It’s really attractive.

Of course that means drinking tasty cocktails and enjoying the warmth of longer days and ample amounts of sunshine. So since its not full on summer yet I feel like it’s still acceptable to use the oven to broil fruit for cocktails. Also, grilling really isn’t my thing so I’ll need to recruit a dude-friend for that. Grapefruit is one of those fruits you either love it or hate it, kinda like tomatoes. Consequently, like tomatoes, well tomato juice, grapefruit juice tastes even better with some booze.


Honey is one of my favorite sweetners. It has a complexity that just can’t be found in other sweeteners like simple syrup and the ever so trendy agave (blah). I chose a Kiarna California costal Chardonnay from 2011 for the white wine in the drink. I went after a slightly sweeter and lighter Chardonnay as opposed to a more buttery style. It’s got notes of lemon, peaches, and honeysuckle perfect for complementing our spritzer. Take care when selecting so you can have a fab cocktail.

My mom has been trying to talk me into a facial to get rid of my crazy congestion. Like the kind of facial where you lean over a hot pot with Vick’s vapo rub and steaming water with a towel over your head and suffer while continuing to hate the smell of eucalyptus. Last time I did said facial I caught the towel I had over my head on fire. I don’t do said facials. Thanks, mom. I’ll just drink strong grapefruit cocktails that will conquer the congestion I’m sure of it. ;)

Hey, a girl can dream.


Broiled Honey and Brown Sugar Grapefruit Boozzaayy Spritzer

Serves 4



1 Ruby red grapefruit cut in half

1 C Sparkling water (8oz)

1/8 C Brown sugar +more for the rim

1T Honey

1 C White wine (8oz)

1t Grand Marnier Liquor



Turn the broil feature of the oven on to high. Place the sliced grapefruit on a baking sheet drizzle honey over each half then sprinkle with brown sugar. Broil halves for 5-10 min until a golden crust appears on each half. Monitor carefully you don’t want burnt grapefruit. Allow to cool for a few minutes then juice, I used an electric juicer. Measure out one cup of juice. Mix together grapefruit juice, water, wine, Grand Marnier. Taste, potentially add more wine or Grand Marnier  according to preference.



To serve, dip the rims of wine or cocktail glasses in the remaining grapefruit juice then dip the glass in brown sugar. Add two cubs of ice to each glass and pour cocktail over and enjoy.



  1. Oh my, broiling grapefruit before juicing it for cocktails—what an awesome idea! I can’t wait to try this. We’ve still got snow on the ground here in VT, so I’ve got plenty of grapefruit broiling time left before the humid grossness of summer hits. (:

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